• No order confirmation email has been received

    The following checks should solve the problem :

    1. Check your Junk Mail folder
    2. Log in to My account and check the email address you provided to register on the Millet site.
    3. Check the Orders section of your customer account to see if your order has been registered.

    If you still cannot find the confirmation e-mail and you do not have a payment confirmation e-mail, the order may not have been placed due to a connection problem. In this case, simply place your order again.

    In case you have made a payment without receiving a confirmation, please contact our customer service who will do their best to help you.

  • Items missing from the package

    For logistical reasons, it is possible that your order will be delivered in several packages.

    If you have not received your order in full, please contact our customer service department. It may happen that at the same time as you placed your order, other customers have also ordered the same product and that stock errors occur.

    Restocking is carried out regularly in order to cover the missing quantities. However, it is possible that the product is no longer available at all.

  • Cancelling an order

    Unfortunately, we cannot intervene on an order that has already been finalised. As soon as the order is paid, it is sent for preparation.

    We therefore invite you to return the product to us as soon as you receive it, if it does not suit you.

    As soon as our logistics department receives your return, a refund will be requested from our accounting department which will then be credited to your account within 10 working days.

  • Reserve an item

    It is not possible to reserve an item.

    When you add an item to your basket or to your favourites, it remains available for other customers. This means that the item may disappear from your basket before you have completed your order.

    To ensure that you get the item you want, we advise you to order it as soon as possible.

  • Order by phone

    For security reasons, you cannot validate an order by calling our specialists.

    Indeed, our payment system allows us to be sure that the payment method used is the one of the holder. Secure payment also allows you to encrypt your bank details, so that only our system has access to this information.

  • Is an item cheaper elsewhere ?

    Sometimes our customers find a lower price on other platforms for the same product. There are different types of e-commerce sites, with different services.

    Our customer service department is made up of experts who are passionate about outdoor activities and are therefore able to give you the best advice on Millet products. We will not change our prices following a request of this kind.