• Outcome of the return (Refund)


    Millet has chosen to abandon its exchange policy in favour of the refund procedure in order to be in line with most e-commerce sites and to have a more fluid procedure.

    No exchanges will therefore be accepted. If the size of your item does not suit you, we invite you to make your return request on your account and place a new order.


    As soon as our logistics department receives and validates your return, a refund will be requested and made to your bank account if you paid by credit card or via Paypal if you used this payment platform.

    Refund of a gift card :

    If you paid with a gift card, an email with a new gift card will be sent to you for the amount of the returned items. This card is valid for one year.

    Calculation and distribution of a promo code :

    In case you have benefited from a promo code, the discount is always prorated over all items in your order.

    For example, if you bought 3 items with the following prices (before using the promo code)

    • Jacket 1 at £240
    • Jacket 2 at £240
    • Hat at £20

    Total = £500 / You took advantage of a £20 discount code > Total paid = £480

    The 20€ discount being proportionally distributed on your order, in case of return the calculation of your refund will be 230,40€ per jacket and 19,20€ for the cap.

    Refund of loyalty points :

    If you have used loyalty points, in case of return these will be refunded in priority. After the points have been refunded, if there is a balance remaining, it will be refunded to your bank account (or Paypal if you used Paypal for payment).

    Refunds not received

    We will refund the returned items as soon as we receive and check your return package. If you have not yet received an email confirming your return, please check the tracking page of your package with the tracking number indicated on your proof of deposit.
    If you have already received an e-mail confirming receipt of your return, the refund will be visible on your bank statement as soon as possible.